The Neutrality Propaganda

Capture the flags? If you want to get mugged maybe.

Capture the flags? If you want to get mugged maybe.

There have been instances where well intending elders have cornered me and demanded to know my political allegiances. We’re a country that places heavy importance on tradition, and much like generations gone by, I wasted no time in disappointing these elders. What incensed them though is the abject indifference that they met. I was bombarded with questions like “But surely you have a set of beliefs and values that you hold true to more often than not?”

The funny thing is, political parties in India do hold a firm set of beliefs and ideals – we have communists, secularists, extremists – and they tend to abide by what they preach in all areas but the actual ‘looking after the people, looking after the nation’ bit. The secularists beat about the bush and misuse public money, the communists stagnate and embezzle public money and the extremists beat the other extremists and lick their wounds by, you guessed it, stealing public money. Unfortunately, large sections of the people have embraced this periodic ineptitude – India is a champion of tolerance, and we tolerate the worst.

So how must I identify my own values with that of a cult which claims it can act on the same? Instead, I find great comfort in the limbo of neutrality. This statement again was met by outrage, tea was spilled to the floor as the shocks registered on their wizened elderly faces. How little us young folk know or care about. The devil worship preached by that hippie Lennon has brainwashed us. Why Lennon, why not Lenin. He led a revolution, ruled with an Iron Fist and was brought to tears by a pat on the back as a recent article claimed (maybe it was Stalin, it was a joke of an article). Fisting aside, Lennon brought about a revolution of his own and I just like his vibes better old man! An impasse reached, I dug up a solid philanthropic reason for my inexcusable neutrality – I support the lesser evil at the time.

And with this sweeping statement, the elders turned on each other as to who merited that most bandied about tag of pure serpentine evil. My work here was done.

Imagine all the people, living life in peace.. Yoohoo hoo.” – John Lennon from the album Imagine.


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